Why travel to Japan is the heaven trip for backpackers

The famous shinto shire gate
The famous shinto shire gate

Japan – the unique East Asian country, Japan has the mystery that draws everyone in, travel to Japan seem like a thing on everyone’s bucket list. Japan with its advanced technology, the richness of culture, and the living cost is the golden destination for wanderlust. Why? Because you don’t have to worry much about language, convenience, cleanliness, LGBT+ discrimination, etc.

Travel to Japan – Safety is guaranteed

The natural disaster could be avoidable 

You may hear a lot about earthquakes, and typhoons, and even Tsunamis when people talk about travel to Japan. But in reality, you don’t really need to put so much thought into these negative feels. Japanese infrastructure has been adapted to these occurrences, limit the impacts of widespread natural disasters. All you need to do is plan your backpacking trip well with weather consideration. 

Travel to Japan is safe for solo female travelers

Japan is in the top 9 safest countries in the world (for its low crime rate, poverty, poverty, and incarceration) and there are also female-only train carriages, hence, in general, Japan is a destination where female travelers could feel safe and travel alone. You don’t have to worry much about petty thieves, still, for safety goes first, you should keep your guard on. 

travel to japan for the diversity of culture and subculture
Travel to japan for the diversity of culture and subculture

Travel to Japan with a budget is possible

One of the best backpacking’s advantages is that money-wise, and Japan is one of the destinations that you could save your money. You can spend $100- $200 per day but many of my friends, who once travel to Japan say that it’s possible to bring it down to $30- $50 if you live off a basic hostel and convenience store’s foods (combini). The average traveler spends approximately $110-140, per day. It’s doesn’t sound bad, isn’t it Japanese has a lot of dollar stores with everything you may need from toiletries to travel gears. Since Japan is a no-tipping country, you could save a big amount of money when having meals at restaurants.

Japan is super hygiene

Japanese take pride in their tidiness and many Japanese think that is the fundamental characteristic of the human being. It’s the plus point for backpacking travelers. 

And the list keeps counting …

It’s easy to move inside the country

Japan has a massive public transportation system and you can easily travel around Japan. The Shinkansen (bullet train) is famous for its colorful and flavorful lunch box (bento). 

shinkansen in japan
Shinkansen in japan

There is no need to worry about the language barrier

In the larger cities, Tokyo, Osaka, and the like you will encounter almost no language barriers as many restaurants have English menus and many places will have picture menus. The younger Japanese can speak English too though it’s just small talk, and the Elders are always patient and kind enough to give you a hand. If you still confuse and worry, you could learn the 30 basic words in Japanese like Excuse me, How to get, etc. Speaking in Japanese (on an understandable scale) is easier than you expect. Last but not least, before you travel to Japan, get Google translate app, it may be helpful in unexpected situations.

It’s LGBTQ+ friendly country

Although Japan is only rank 66th on the LGBTQ+ safety list (2020), Japan has the law of privacy protection as well as homosexual rights. There are also plenty of gay bars, gay neighborhoods, and even red-light wards with many services that will warmly welcome you to Japan. 


Things not to do while you travel to Japan

Of course, you are welcome to Japan and do not be expected to completely understand Japanese culture. But knowing a bit of the culture and etiquette will help you go a long way with adapting to local customs and prevents culture shocks. If you are planning to go to Japan, here are some culture faux that you should avoid.


  • Don’t litter – there are hardly any bins so take a plastic bag for rubbish.
  • Be quiet. It’s not a loud person place.
  • Be respectful of people who are going about their daily life.
  • Don’t wear shoes indoors – Japanese houses always have slippers for you to change.
  • Queue



Tips for staying safe and enjoyable in Japan 

japanese bento box on Shinkanse
Japanese bento box on Shinkanse

There are also a few tips I’d like to share with you about travel to Japan

  • Check whether the season you want to travel in suits your physical limitations
  • Be aware of evacuation points in your accommodation
  • Get a local SIM card or have a way to stay contactable at all time, remember roaming you SIM before you get on the plane
  • Download the earthquake warning app Yurekuru Call 
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • Exchange USD to Yen before your trip – This is the cash country, remember you could find ATM at 7-Elevens to withdraw the cash 
  • Know how to write your name in Katakana for easier booking Bullet train
  • Download Google translate app on your phone
  • Print out your hotel address in Japanese.

I hope this information is helpful and hope you will have a merry trip to Japan. Japan is one of the most beautiful countries I have chance to visit, especially in Asia that I wish I have change to come back again.

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