Do you need travel agents?

The rising or backpacking travel

Nowadays, backpack traveling is a growing trend and is the choice of many youngsters. Backpacking offers travelers flexibility and money-saving, suitable for adventurers. People have full access to choose how they go, what to do, where to stay and visit and do the schedule by themselves. It doesn’t require you to stay at that destination, only have limited time to visit a lovely temple in South India, or basically running while trying to visit the Great Wall of China. You can stay wherever you want, long or short you choose, even if you are middle of the road to Roma and decide to stay at Rocca di Botte since you fall in love with its sunset for a few days.

As a wanderlust, I too, often travel by myself with my backpack. Just with my passport, some clothes, a clean towel, credit card, and a bottle of water, I am ready to go and explore the world. Therefore, I understand why young people prefer to travel solo with the minimalism packages to contact travel agents and having a subtle schedule. But after journeys and journeys, I realize backpacking is not that dreamy as we thought. There’ll be the time you need help from travel agents.

backpacking is trending in gen X and Y
Backpacking is trending in gen X and Y

The downfall of travel agents

How do the travel agents work?

The travel agent is a link in the tourism chain. It acts as a third party and offers you the service of logistics and planning such as transportation, accommodation, insurance, currency exchange, and another travel service. They also sell many combos to tourists, 

Travel agencies receive commissions and incentives from providers and charge fees from uses. 

The benefits of using travel agents

Backpacking and travel companies are two faces of the coin. They are different but supporting each other. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these two kinds of travel.



Travel agents

  • money-wise
  • meeting new people
  • discovery more place
  • more flexible
  • support local economy
  • cost-wise
  • optimized traveling plan
  • family-friendly 
  • guaranteed safety and hygiene
  • brand-new destinations
  • it could be exhausted
  • security problems
  • sick on the trip
  • physical strength demand
  • hygiene problems
  • can’t bring your child along
  • you can’t suddenly change plans or have spur of the moments
  • you have to follow the agency’s schedule
  • hard to find a reliable agent


Why fewer and fewer people choose travel agent

Though many advantages that travel agencies bring to travelers, the declination of travel agents user still increasing. There’s a real concern between travelers that they will end up paying more for travel through a travel consultant than if they simply plan the trip themselves. But it is not the only reason, the study, conducted by Signature Travel Network and The Center for Generational Kinetics, shows that people more concerned about “one-size-fits-all” travel. The top problem that more than one-third of travelers list is the inability of changing their travel plans right behind is touristy problems.

Online travel agents the level up for you on your leisure trip

With the development of the Internet and online service and the dynamic market, many businesses start promoting themselves on online platforms. Hence the traditional travel agencies also have to innovate. Now you can get the advice for travel online, book a tour within a click, read the reviews, and many more. Many travel agencies even offer the customize trip for you with reasonable charge.

When you should find a travel agent?

Travel agents are useful if you’re doing a complex, luxury trip, planning a honeymoon or something fancy, or traveling in a large group. … They are also travelers for people who just don’t want to handle a big, complicated journey themselves. Travel agents offer them peace of mind. Travel agencies can offer the exclusive trip via their VIP connection, with extra service on the house and many side benefits.

There are many places that you can’t travel alone and have to get a tour. For example, Tibet is restricted tourism which means you can’t travel independently. You will need 6 months Visa, Tibet Entry Permit, and Chinese military permission. And there are only a few months in a year that you could visit Tibet due to political sensitive time. There are emergencies like climate change, storms, etc. These weather events could happen at any time and disrupting your flights, whenever a hassle comes to you if you book your trip with a travel agent, things went smoother.

Mystery Tibet is not for independence wanderlust
Mystery Tibet is not for independence wanderlust

It’s also more suitable for elders who have problems with health, you will not have to travel alone and take care of everything, travel advisor does it for you. 


After covid-19 vaccine was public, and the isolation was lift, you can start traveling after being vaccinated. Backpacking or booking a tour, choose whatever meet up with your needs.

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