Heyyy travelers! I’m Yuriko – a Texan and wanderlust.

Obsessed with exploring the world, experience new culture and meeting new people around the world. After have a gap year, somehow I become a tourism journalist and started my career. I hope this site gives you some inspiration (and handy tips) to go and chase your own adventures. I created Right Click To Travel Online to make a place where I could share my traveling hobby and connecting with other wanderlust. 


Right Click To Travel Online is a traveling blog. This is a place for you – free spirits – could share your experience, get inspired and get the informative about your next destinations. 

What RclickT will be focus on includes but not limited to: information about destinations, traveling tips, encourage words (because sometime you will need a little push to get out your comfort zone), and travel equipment reviews. 

Right click to travel online focus

Right Click To Travel Online is a traveling blog with 3 R- metric

– Respect personal travel experiences and opinions

– Respect the culture different and diversity

– Respect the natural and wildlife and RclickT is scientific driven



Right Click To Travel Online is a traveling blog where you can share your stories

If you have any ideas, requests, or wanna share your stories, let me know and do it together! 


Hotmail: [email protected]

Website: https://right-click-online.com

Address: Houston, Texas, USA.

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